Collect cryptocurrencies for completing tasks

Easy tasks: social services 8 tasks
Common tasks: design 1 tasks   copyrighting 1 tasks
Professional tasks:
-programmings 0 tasks
-smart contracts creatings 0 tasks
-altcoins creatings 0 tasks


Compete with other users in quiz, betting and blockchain lottery

All quiz tasks - 33

Bets today - 43
Latest winner - XRP 16 bets

Lottery tickets 24 hours - 7
Latest lottery hash - .......7e251b12b0 block #585800
Winners - 0 2 SuperWinners


Sell goods or render services for cryptocurrency

0 operations last 24 hours 3 sellers in total

average sellers per country: 1

0% operations fees
*500 TRUST needed for start selling using the service


Convert cryptocurrencies between each other

24hs volume - 0.2560 BTC 425 operations

Cuatrok This is something

Cuatrok is a complex cryptocurrency service including freelance service, exchange platform, blockchain lottery and service for selling goods.

All parts of services connected with user's TRUST and every action may increase or decrease the TRUST.

Activity that needs high responsability requests high TRUST this means protection from bad businessmen without any legal interventions

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