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For seller

Using Cuatrok Carry service you can sell your goods or make delivery of food in your district
The main rule of the service - you should provide personal delivery to every customer
You will be able to choose radius of delivery around your location
Currently there is no fee for operations

Please read the most important rules of the services
The service forbides to sell drugs, medicaments, arms and ilegally copied media content, any pornography content.
If you add any forbidden item to selling it will be deleted by moderadors decreasing your TRUST by 50
If you create a permanent shop you must always maintain correct quanity of items in stock.
If a user orders an item and later you refuse it because of empty stock you will be forfeited by 3 TRUST
You will need to set a delivery time and working days/time (in your local timezone)
If you delays in delivery the customer can refuse to accept the item, in this case you will be forefeited by 2 TRUST
When making delivery you will be able to print a special invoice and give it to the customer to sign - that will ensure Cuatrok that customer accepts the order
Another way - you can ask the customer to sign invoice directly at your mobile phone
You can work without any invoices if you sell cheap goods and trust in your customers
Selling of anything via Cuatrok will be considered as a peddling. If this is prohibited in your country/region you work on your own risk
The maximum price of item and maximum total amount of sells per day depends directly on your TRUST, while will increase with every successfull sell

For buyer

Using Cuatrok Carry service you can buy goods or order delivery of food to your home
The payment for purchase should be done online after your choose a seller and items to buy

Before first purchase you need to make an example of your signature and provide your exact address to delivery
Also you will need to provide a local mobile phone number to make seller to coordinate with the delivery

Once delivered the seller will provide to you an invoice you should to sign
After that you need enter Cuatrok and rank (1/2/3 stars) delivery/goods quality in 2 days. If you dont it will be automatically set to 3 stars
Please be adviced only person who ordered the delivery can accept items and sign the invoice.
If the seller didn't delivered the order in declared time you can refuse it, the seller will be forfeited by 2 TRUST
In any problem case you can contact to moderador of Cuatrok for investigate the situation
Some shops set minimal amount you should order
Please note you must pay in coin that is accepted by shop. You always can exchange coins in Cuatrok Convert service

If you purchase electronic items (computers, smartphones, etc) there is no warranty, you can talk to seller but he has no obligation to replace it neither make moneyback.
So, buy from sellers with highest TRUST for better experience

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You should detect your location before see list of avaialable goods in your district

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