Cuatrok Project is failed and will be closed on September 25, please withdraw all your coins

Compete: Roulette

Cuatrok offers fair roulette based on XLM blockchain [beta-version]
After 30 seconds timespan for making bets, they will be disabled and platform will wait for next XLM ledger
From hash of the ledger Cuatrok will get 2 latest digits (passing all letters)
These digits will be the result of roulette round. If number is higher than 36, but lower than 74 Cuatrok will reduce it by 37, if number is 74 or higher Cuatrok will wait for next XLM ledger.
After a round ends the next round will start in 5-10 seconds.
You have animation disabled in setting of Cuatrok, wheel will not be animated
Make your bets, time remain:
Round end, please wait for the next
Betting closed, waiting for next XLM ledger
XLM ledger: #25832990, hash: ...7820437865
Winning number: 28 (65-37)
Your previous bet: 0 XLM
Your previous win: 0 XLM
1-st 122-st 123-st 12
0 369121518212427303336Line 1
258111417202326293235Line 2
147101316192225283134Line 3

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