Cuatrok Project is failed and will be closed on September 25, please withdraw all your coins

Compete: Slots


Free-to-play 2 minute quiz with questions to test your knowledge of cryptocurrencies and blockchain

All questions are in English only

-For right answer you get 1 TRUST and even 2 TRUST if your answer will be the first one.

-For wrong answer you lost 1 TRUST but can see right answer and recover TRUST in the future

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Slots of Cuatrok Complete work on blockchain of XLM: decentralized Stellar network.
That means the result of every spin is unpredictable and can't be manipulated by the platform.
The only one thing determines you win or loss - the time you make the spin.
If nearest XLM ledger brings good hash you can win up to all bank.
Unlike most of casinos those take 3-5% of fee Slots of Cuatrok take only 1% fee and 99% of bet amount goes to bank of the slot.
Different slots offer different graphics, rules and different bet amounts. With time our variety of slots will increase.

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