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Help » Auth

To access to all feature of the service you need to be logined/registered. On register you set a password that you will need to use in next login.<br>You can use facebook to fast login/register, this way the platform will generate for you a password.<br>As a user you obligated to keep your password safe, but you can restore it using &quot;restore&quot; button, that way you will get restore link to your email.<br>In case if you lose both password and access to email box the service Cuatok can&#39;t help you restore your account anymore

Confirmation code

On register you need confirm your email, for that you should enter the code sent into your email box. If you not getting the email with code try to check "spam" folder or try register later.
Some small email services can be improperly configured or reject all emails from cryptocurrency services, so you should try some another email service.

Password restore

For password restore use "restore" button in the login form, enter your email address and wait for an email. Follow link in the email and it will send to you new password.
If you not getting email try to check "spam" folder or try later. If still unsuccessful try contact your email service support.
If you were registered using facebook, try enter via facebook now, it will not need any password.

2FA restore

When setting 2FA you should have save your 2FA key to a paper, enter the key into 2FA app