Help » Collect section (Labour)

In the collect section you can earn cryptocurrency for completing tasks. Consider this section as some kind of freelance service. At first time you can work only on simple tasks - subscribe/join to social networks. Reaching needed level of TRUST you get access to common and professional tasks.

Simple tasks

In simple tasks you get insignificant rewards but the tasks are very easy: just subscribe/follow/join some social network page. After complete task you should remain subscribed/joined to the page or the Cuatrok service may decrease your TRUST.
Unlike other services Cuatrok forbids obvious scam advertising, so if you see it in a social network page please report moderator, scam task will be blocked and you will get bonus TRUST.
Before starting to perform tasks in any network you will need to attach your account in that network. Not all accounts can be accepted, your account should be created long time enough and have some subscribers
There is the limit for daily tasks completion, it's needed to protect your social network page from banning.

Low Checking Precise

Some social networks prevent advertising and getting followers from other services, for that reason their API doesn't provide exact data if a user subscribed to a page or not.
Cuatrok can only see if number of subscribers grows.
For that reason tasks for Facebook and Telegram will be working unstable.
For task owner: recommended to set price higher than other networks tasks.
For user: if task is not confirmed for you, unfollow/unlike and try starting task once more.