Cuatrok Project is failed and will be closed on September 25, please withdraw all your coins

Help » Convert section (Exchange)

Convert section gives you a possibility of trading in an attractive interface with simultaneous display of 2 or 3 markets (need FullHD or higher resolution for display of 3 markets)


The service standard fee for all orders is 0,09%, it will be charged for maker and taker of the trading. For both buying and selling order fee will be charged in coin of base market. When cancelling order for buying paid fee will be returned but only if the order is 0% fulfilled.
Cuatrok has a penalty system for spam orders: if you create more than 30 orders per hour or more than 200 order per day for next orders that day there will be additional 0,05% fee which will be taken on order creating and it will not be returned on order cancelling

Tokens trading

In settings you can enable trading of tokens. It maybe unsafe to trade them since a lot of tokens are represent scam o ponzy-schemes where you can loss your money easily.
Deposit of tokens works differently: you must have some amount of principal coin on the balance to be able to deposit or withdrawal any token. For deposit or withdrawal you will be charged some amount of the principal coin and not of the token.
Deposit of any token should be done to the same address as you have for the principal coin, but you can deposit only token those are added for trading to Cuatrok platform. You can always check it using token ID

Token adding

Being manager of a project you can add your token to trading to Cuatrok platform.
There is 2 listing options: common (cheap) and VIP (expensive).
With common listing your token doesnt appear in the list of tokens in trading page until the user deposited it. So, you will need to inform your token holders that they can trade it at Cuatrok.
With VIP listing token should pass Cuatrok's admin review but after that it will be visible on trading page for all users. Besides, in VIP listing you can add a logo for your token.
For adding token you can use page https://cuatrok.net/token_add/