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Help » TRUST system

For protect users of service from bots and malicious users, Cuatrok has special system of TRUST. Every new user starts with 0 TRUST and has limited access to services, the user gets TRUST for most of actions so with time it will get access for all sections.<br>TRUST also can be lost for malicious actions such as spam, insults and other rules violations. New users can make mistakes occasionally for some misunderstanding, it&#39;s OK, so TRUST will not go below zero.

Start earning TRUST

When you are a new user there are following ways to earn TRUST:
-Simple tasks (Collect section) - get TRUST for every completed task
-Quiz (Compete section) - get TRUST for every right answer, or submit questions for the quiz
-Exchange (Convert section) - you will get 2 TRUST for first 3 operations per day
-Quorum - you will get TRUST for first 5 messages for day, creating discussions will give even more TRUST
-Help with translate - get TRUST for help of fixing translation/mistyping on the pages (enable in settings)