For general questions you should use Quorum.

It's the fastest method to get help since any user can answer your questions also you can look for if such question was questioned before.

The administration also checks quorum and answers all questions.

For getting fastest answer is recommended to use English section of Quorum (if you able to).

Don't forget that using Quorum also increases your TRUST

If you prefer you can also use Discord group of Cuatrok: https://discord.gg/Bgjx5H6

Serious questions

In same cases when you can't discuss your questions publicly you can use Service of Serious questions.

This service is some kind of ticket system but has price 0.005 ETH for creating ticket.

The cost is needed to prevent spam and unsignificant questions those can be answered by searching in Quorum or by googling it.

When to use this service has sense:

-You have some confidential data which you can't provide to public

-Partnership proposals you would discuss directly with admins

-You need higher priority to your case

For create ticket you need login/register and 0.005 ETH

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